CZ in the Central African Republic!

CZ and Faustin-Arcangelo Touadéra, who gives ideas. The Binance director recently met with the president of the Central African Republic and this leaves room for the imagination. So, new crypto perspectives in sight? Find out all the details below.

Changpeng Zhao and Touadéra: what do they have in store for us?

The Central African Republic quickly became famous after its president announced its adoption of bitcoin (BTC). In fact, the country is one of the few to use BTC as its official currency. It is therefore not surprising that such an initiative arouses interest. However, the president of the Central African Republic did not stop there.

The latter has progressed in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Recently, the Central African Republic left its token, Sango, to evolve alongside bitcoin. Knowing CZ’s infatuation with cryptocurrencies, it’s no surprise that these two personalities meet.

Binance CEO has announcement his meeting with Faustin-Arcangelo Touadéra on his Twitter account. Indeed, the situation of cryptocurrencies around the world is staggering. While some support them body and soul, others continue to denigrate them.

Falling markets and the cryptocurrency winter didn’t help fix things. Now that the sector is gradually recovering, it is important to think about the development of these assets. This is more or less the purpose of this meeting. According to Changpeng Zhao, they discussed regulatory frameworks, education, investments, and the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Binance, a leader in cryptocurrency investments?

Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and its reputation is second to none. Although the cryptocurrency industry has been having a hard time in recent months, the exchange holds its position. The bearish trend, in fact, has not shaken the company compared to many others in the sector.

However, running a cryptocurrency business requires constant work and CZ knows this. With this in mind, the platform is constantly looking for new markets. Its expansion plan is on track and one wonders how far it will go. However, Binance is starting to make its mark in Africa and is making itself felt.

His meeting with the President of the Central African Republic is just another step for the cryptocurrency business. In fact, Binance operates in several African countries. Among others, the RCA. The platform allows trading of many cryptocurrencies. But apparently he wants to strengthen his position in the country. All the points mentioned in the tweet suggest that CZ is thinking big in the CAR.

Binance is constantly developing. Although it is the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform, it continues to work out strategies to sustain itself. The meeting of CZ and Faustin-Arcangelo Touadéra, President of the Central African Republic, certainly has some surprises in store for us. But which ones? Nobody knows yet. However, one might think that cryptocurrency adoption in the CAR is here to stay.

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