Discord and NFT – The new Eldorado for hackers

Brave hacker, nothing is impossible! – And when a social network is in vogue, along with strong earning opportunities, it doesn’t take long hackers don’t come to settle. Discord bears the brunt of this with all the NFT projects it hosts.

Sow discord for substantial gains

Tag 14 friends, like RT, dance on one foot wrapped in a concrete blanket, and join us on Discord!

Who has never seen this type of message on Twitter, encouraging people to join a channel Discord for a chance to win a NFTdeveloped by a project that seeks to make itself known?

If you’ve seen them go by, then hackers too. And what are the conditions for a hacker to be interested in something?

  1. That what is proposed is used by as many people as possible
  2. That there is a potential and consequent gain of preference.

Projects NFT hosted on Discord meets both of these requirements. In fact, Discord has become THE reference platform for all projects, reliable or not. If you follow what’s going on in the NFT world, you definitely need to be a member of twenty or so lounges. You had to identify yourself, confirm your wallet. You may have passed from an external site to get a certification to give you a “vote” on the project.

It’s all those baby steps that will allow you to coincreate, an NFT that hackers use to steal your wallet, that of the project, and of all those who have the misfortune to click on the wrong link.

Heat, NFT and unprotected stays, the perfect trio!

In June the phishing attacksthe most used, has increased by over 55% compared to May, right on Discord. It is estimated that the hackers therefore recovered more than 22 million dollars in less than 2 months.

List of hacks from June – Source: TRM Labs

Many of these hacks go unnoticed by the user, because the person asking you to click on a fraudulent link is none other than the administrator from the room of Discord. In fact, many of these scams use flaws that allow you to take control of administrator accounts.
The rest is easy, just post in the shows, a link that seems honest, related to the project, and the community takes the bait. some clever deactivate also full right of moderator. Consequently, they cannot help but witness the massacre, without being able to intervene or warn the members of the project.

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Hackers play a lot on the fact that in this type of NFT projects everything is done urgency. Contests are ephemeral, sometimes you only have a few hours, or even minutes, to validate an action so that you have a potential chance of winning.

So when hackers post a malicious link, users jump on it to be the first to win. And above all the first to lose.

Don’t imagine that only small projects are violated. Although it is really easier to hack a small living room, certainly badly protected, the great masters of the NFT they were also had. BAYC, LacosteBubbleWorld and many others top the list, along with small projects.

“Our Discord servers were briefly tapped today. The team reacted and dealt quickly. It appears that around 200 ETH of NFT was affected. We’re still investigating, but if you’ve been impressed, please email us at [email protected] “

Bored Ape Yacht Club (@BoredApeYC)

Once your cryptocurrencies, or worse, your NFTs are stolen, they are quickly resold, via NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, to ET in general.

The hackers then distribute the winnings to different wallets. Then they go through protocols like Cash Tornado. These allow you to hide transactions in order to spread your earnings to other portfolios. Neither seen nor known.

Actions, that look similar each time, they are certainly the work of the same group. They are fast, efficient and contact informationin order to exploit vulnerabilities on multiple projects at the same time.

Already, being aware of the existence of these fraudulent maneuvers is a first shield. Awareness will keep you from clicking up and down, especially when the proposition sounds too good to be true.

If a link, contest, or any other proposal made on the show looks suspicious to you, don’t click. Isn’t it better to miss a real chance to win an NFT (which, let’s face it, will be useless in 99% of cases), rather than having your wallet emptied in seconds?


On the side of the creators of the shows, there are a series of checks and manipulations to be done to best ensure their discord.

So make sure the admins know what they are doing. Ask questions, do not hesitate to visit all the rooms, to question the moderators. If you feel that it bothers them or that they take security lightly, run away ! You will have the opportunity to find other projects in the week, the day or even the minute that follows!

It is difficult to know if a project is serious. And although there are many methods of analysis and often obvious warning signs, even the most honest (and well-known) of projects are susceptible to being hacked.
Unfortunately, there is no magical way to avoid falling into the trap. The best protection in history is you. Take the time to read, learn, follow social networks and above all do not click in a hurry anyway, just to win a white list that allows you to miner a dead squirrel NFT.

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