Does Jean Reno advise you to invest in trading or cryptocurrencies? Distrust!

A great financial blow, moreover recommended by Jean Reno. Who doesn’t dream of it in these times of inflation and where the Livret A rate is limited to 1%? This is what some dubious sites promise, which use the actor’s image without his knowledge. “Jean Reno offers a new investment that makes hundreds of people very rich,” reads an ad for a certain “Bitcoin Bank”. He is accompanied by a smiling photo of the actor. He would have praised this method “which can turn anyone into a millionaire in three or four months”.

The rest of the text, written in rough French, is frightening: Jean Reno would have praised the bank on television, but a mysterious “France Bank” would have tried to prevent his observations from being broadcast.

French approximate title, binary … The poor quality of the advertisement. – screenshots bitcoin profit reviews

The French actor would not be the only one to have smelled the good streak: businessmen Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Bill Gates would also support the “Bitcoin Bank”.

The announcement, which does not say a word about what lies behind this mysterious bank, invites you to take the plunge by promising to offer 250 euros to the first 1,000 subscribers. To permanently win the reader’s trust, he promises that this is not a “scam”.


Jean Reno obviously did not bring his image in this dubious publicity: the actor published a press release last Friday, through his agent, to denounce the use of his identity and his image “without any authorization from his part” . He doesn’t name a particular ad or actor, but he points to this type of message. He adds that he “never supported the activities of the companies behind these announcements.” He is not the only character to have seen his image of him usurped to promote financial products: Kylian Mbappé had already filed a complaint in 2020, according to The group.

Who is behind this “Bitcoin Bank”? It takes several steps to find out: the ad refers to a site where you are told that “bitcoin makes people rich”. Four “users” testify to their winnings, except that their photos come from image databases, questioning the authenticity of these testimonials. The site asks to provide personal data – surname, name, email and telephone number – but at no time are there, yet, legal notices or means to contact the authors of this site.

Once these details are provided, the Internet user arrives at a completely different site: on our first visit, we were sent to a platform called “Lions Broker”. Exit the “Bitcoin Bank”. There, the user actually has the opportunity to perform online trading. There is no legal notice on Lions Broker. The user is directed to a site of the same name, where he is promised an “easy contact” with the company, in particular by telephone. Only an email address is displayed on this site. Lions Broker is a registered broker in the Cayman Islands, Caribbean. It is attached to Lion Group Holding Ltd, which provides an address in Singapore and Hong Kong. Contacted, these different entities did not respond to our requests.

During a second visit with another account, we were redirected to another trading platform, this time in the name of the company “Virtus Capital”. On its trading platform it refers to a contact form, but in English. The address provided is in the United States. The form is hosted on the company’s website, where the terms of use can be found. It is also stated that this trading activity involves risk. This mention does not appear at any time in the advertisement using the image of Jean Reno.

The Financial Markets Authority (AMF) warns potential investors against online trading: this method “is not intended for amateurs”. “You have to understand and master the financial instruments you will invest in,” she adds. A simple online training is not enough: “the” training “offered for free online will never make you an expert trader”, warns this Authority, which warns against “unrealistic promises” of “quick winnings”. As for the “small gains generated in the beginning”, “they are only there to encourage you to invest more and more. “After that you will lose”, launches the MFA lapidary.

It also advises to check whether the intermediary is authorized to operate in France. In the event of a dispute, recourse to a company based abroad will necessarily be more complicated.

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