experts still fear the worst for cryptocurrencies, the fall will continue

Kevin O’Leary, the cryptocurrency expert better known as the Shark Tank, is categorical: digital currencies have not stopped falling. While the latter have lost tremendous value in just a few months, he says the market hasn’t hit rock bottom yet and it could happen at any time. He therefore advises to turn to safer goods.

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“It is impossible to predict where the bottom will be.” This is how famous cryptocurrency expert Kevin O’Leary describes the future of the market. While the currency is currently hovering vaguely around $ 20,000 after sneaking below this token bar, the cryptocurrency world is struggling to recover from the hangover.

When asked on Youtuber Mett Kevin’s channel, the one who calls himself Shark Tank was asked if Bitcoin could drop to $ 13,000. His answer, as evasive as it is clear: “I don’t think we have hit rock bottom yet.” This possibility is therefore clearly possible for the expert and, even worse, the currency could also drop even lower.

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have not yet hit rock bottom

For Kevin O’Leary, any investor who owns Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency could therefore lose everything overnight, in what he calls a “Great panic event” – understand a new collapse so big that it would definitely put an end to the market. While this prediction is particularly alarming, it is not fictional for the expert, preparing for the worst.

In fact, unlike other investors who continue to ask for the purchase of Bitcoin, this indicates that he has again turned to more traditional assets such as stocks or real estate, while admitting that a panic event could also occur in these areas considered safer. And Kevin O’Leary concludes: “It will certainly be a great thing for this industry […] because it will eliminate all bad broken business models, high leverage, speculation that was too risky. “

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