Fintech firm Revolut expects to increase its cryptocurrency-focused workforce by 20%.

Revolutiona British fintech firm, plans to hire cryptocurrency experts in the UK, US and Europe in the next six months. The company currently advertises 13 industry-related positions, including software engineers, cryptocurrency law professionals, and financial compliance and crime prevention experts.

Expanding its cryptocurrency offering in the face of growing interest from cryptocurrencies

According to Bloomberg, Revolution has already hired 43 staff members specializing in cryptocurrencies in 2022. This increased the size of his team crypto by 200%. Overall, the company has 230 open positions.

This hiring wave aims to help Revolution to expand its cryptocurrency offering. Revolution currently operates as an exchange for trading over 80 digital assets. It also allows you to earn cryptocurrencies by rounding the currency during daily purchases and to earn money when they learn about cryptocurrencies on its platform. Also, the app has recently added 22 news items cryptocurrencies at its trading service, including currency APE.

The general manager of the crypto from RevolutionEmil UrmanshinShe said : “Let’s consider the crypto as a long-term game and remain optimistic about the industry crypto. The crypto currently represents 5 to 10% of the global revenues of Revolution.

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Since the Covid-19 epidemic, the activities of crypto and the company’s stock exploded. UK customers buying cryptocurrencies increased 290% between July 2020 and July 2021 and a further 30% in July 2022. The volume of transactions between each epoch increased by 800% And 50%respectively. In July 2021, Revolution was valued at $ 33 billion, making it the UK’s most valuable fintech company.

The company turns out to be winter resistant crypto

Revolution it stands out from other players in the sector who have made redundancies during the bear market. In particular, Coinbase e Offshore they were forced to lay off 18% and 25% of their workforce respectively. Both companies admitted over-hiring in 2021, when bargaining activity was highest in both companies.

However, Binance took safety measures during a bull market in anticipation of a downturn. The CEO Changpeng Zhao announced that the company would take over 2,000 positions in June. For its part, the fintech company now has 13 open positions related to the cryptocurrency sector.

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