For his 30th birthday, T’choupi launches a collection of NFTs

The popular children’s magazine founded in 1992 has just launched a collection of NFTs. 2022 NFTs are for sale on the French Kalart platform.

T’choupi takes a step into the metaverse. On the occasion of the children’s magazine’s 30th anniversary, its creator Thierry Courtin created a series of NFTs “from his original illustrations”.

NFTs are for sale on the French platform NFT Kalart, which allows you to buy and sell NFTs without cryptocurrency … with the aim of democratizing this type of investment. The Kalart platform uses the Polygon blockchain in particular to carry out NFT transactions, which remains less energy-intensive than the Ethereum blockchain, mainly used in this area.

Recall that an NFT (“Non Fungible Token” or non-fungible token) is a digital security, issued by a blockchain (mainly Ethereum), and associated with a digital asset (photos, videos, etc.). Each NFT is unique and cannot be reproduced. NFTs are used in art, in the luxury industry or for figurines in sports.

The Kalart platform announced the news Wednesday on its Twitter account.

2022 NFT for sale

More precisely, the 1992 NFTs are put on sale by September 30 at the price of 250 euros, “each offering its first buyer the possibility of receiving, in 2022, the reproduction of an unpublished graphic work created specifically for Thierry’s project. Courtin “can we read on the Kalart platform.

In the same way, 30 “premium” NFTs are on sale at the price of 1000 euros “each offering its first purchaser the possibility of receiving, in 2022, the reproduction of an unpublished graphic work by Thierry Courtin created specifically for the project and numbered, signed by the hand of the author, dedicated and framed “.

“Thierry Courtin outlines, through this project, T’choupi’s adventure in the Metaverse, with the ambition to invite the lucky buyers of NFT to celebrate T’choupi’s birthday there … if the 2022 sales target is been achieved! “, Kalart points out.

At the time of writing, only about thirty NFTs have been sold for 250 euros.

2022, loss of speed for NFTs?

2021 will have marked an explosion in the sale of these assets, with a transaction amount of $ 17.6 billion of so-called “qualified” NFTs (corresponding to qualified or verified transactions according to, making the fortune of many investors, to become the retired or pre-retirement kitty of confirmed rap stars, most notably Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg.

But the year 2022 faces a loss of momentum from this trend. For example, during the week of May 23, reports the lowest NFT market data for the year 2022, with $ 165 million traded and sales volume dropping to 175,000 transactions.

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