Forex trading in 10 minutes a day for busy people

Analyzing the markets ten minutes a day is quite possible, just look at the slow moving medium or long term charts, for example, each Japanese candlestick is a unit of time of 4 hours or one day.

Trading in 10 minutes a day

This way you can take the time to analyze the prices, update your analysis once a day and take a position on the markets with targets that will be met after several days or weeks. Trading 10 minutes a day is ideal for busy people who have day jobs and can’t afford to spend a lot of time in the financial markets. Another time-consuming solution is to copy traders’ investments.

What returns on investment?

The return on investment you can get by spending 10 minutes a day trading is hard to calculate. This will depend on many parameters such as the number of trades made, the risk per trade and the success rate of the trading strategy, as well as the average risk return ratios.

However, we can take the example of our trader, Dimitri, he is a fan of day trading and monitors the markets for several hours a day, however we know that he risks on average 2.5% of his capital per trade with an account of $ 10,000.

Let’s take this same risk order but with a capital of € 1,000, this represents € 25 of risk per trader. Let’s say that by monitoring some H4 time charts, 10 minutes a day, you make an average of 12 trades per month (3 per week). Of these 12 operations, 60% are winning (i.e. 7.2 operations but we round up to 7) and each profitable operation has a ratio of 2, which means you earn € 50.

We can then calculate the total win: 7 x 50 € = 350 €. And subtract the losses (5 x € 25 = € 125) to get the monthly performance: € 350 – € 125 = € 225 or 22.5% profit. If we divide the number of operations by 2 while maintaining the same parameters, we still drop to 11.25% profit. These are two examples of gains that can be made by spending 10 minutes a day trading.

Invest in trading with a licensed broker

Although you can invest in the stock market with little time, it is important not to neglect the quality of the broker and the trading platform through which you speculate on the financial markets. It is imperative that the money invested is safe and that there is no risk of investment scam, for this the chosen broker must meet certain criteria, in particular have the licenses of the financial regulators and be authorized. There are several serious brokers in France and one of the most recommended licensed and regulated brokers is the XTB broker. The opening of an XTB account allows from a deposit of 200 € to take advantage of the free PXTR training, thanks to which our trader Dimitri earned $ 1935 last week.

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