Halliday – $ 6 million for the “Buy Now, Pay Later” NFT game project.

The gloomy trend of the cryptocurrency market does not prevent the emergence of new innovative projects. And one of the areas currently in the spotlight is none other than crypto games associated with NFTs. A variant of this digital economy applied to the virtual worlds of video games not always very well received by gamers. And, in some cases, a brake on the possibility of integrating or evolving within certain projects due to the need to purchase digital objects before starting. But it could be a thing of the past, with the introduction of a “buy now, pay later” solution. Explanations …

The emergence of the game to make money doesn’t just make followers. Just like the massive arrival of NFT tokens in the gaming industry, often associated with this new concept. A variation of what is known by the generic term of metaverse, with a little more cryptocurrency to make it much more… enriching. But it is this new speculative aspect that worries historical gamers whose goal is to have fun, without having to invest. Because sometimes it is necessary to advance large sums to be able to access certain projects.

A reality largely at the origin of the continuous change from “play to earn” to “play and earn” recently initiated by the emblematic Axie Infinity (AXS, SLP) project. With the brand new possibility of being able to integrate your own virtual universe without having to go to the cashier to purchase a character in the form of NFT. Because playing to win cryptocurrencies often requires you to invest funds in order to participate in the adventure. Because the Halliday project aims to develop a “buy now, pay later” solution..

Halliday – Buy your NFTs now and pay later

There are no limits to what the cryptocurrency industry can produce. And in this case it is a new project dubbed by the famous venture capital structure Andreesen Horowitz (a16z). The latter at the origin of a recent funding round that raised the sum of 6 million dollars. And as a goal support for the development of the Halliday startup and its deferred payment offer for gaming NFTs launched in November last year. The latter presented by its founders as “the first solution that allows the ownership of blockchain and metaverse gaming assets through a subsequent payment”. A whole program!

We want to make metaverse games and NFTs much more accessible to gamers. (…) We [leur permettons] pay over time and access an NFT, playing while paying. “

Malhotraco-founder Halliday

And, according to the elements provided by the startup Halliday, its offer should soon see the light – in beta – within the game League of Kingdom (LOKA). All in the form of a simple checkout option. With a means presented as “transparent and safe” to acquire NFT “over time”. And the possibility of starting playing again immediately, once this new type of consumer loan has been validated. And there is no doubt that in full, this type of purchase should find unbridled followers for “not having to wait months to bring this new car to the track”.

Metaverse and play

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Knowing that, of course, it is owned by the NFT in question belongs to the Halliday project until full payment by the player. And that at the moment there is no specific mention of the fees applicable to this type of consumer loan procedure. Because this is basically just a classic deferred payment formula applied to the crypto-games sector.

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