Here’s what Mastercard thinks about the future of cryptocurrency

Bossé said digital assets are used by millions of people around the world today, ” who are the first and new users of crypto and blockchain technologyNot “.

The suspicions that Mastercard would like to launch in the metaverse are confirmed with 15 requests to the American patent office regarding cryptocurrencies, NFT and metaverse by the brand. #crypto #blockchain #invest #cryptocurrency #nft #metaverse

in any case, the lack of understanding on the part of authorities and managersbusiness logic related to scalability, cost and speed of transactions and regulatory issues are the main challenges for companies.

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Bossé believes that no company will want to start using blockchain until they are completely confident they can make money with the technology.

Furthermore, Michael MiebachMastercard CEO, believes SWIFT could be replaced by other efficient cross-border payment systems in the near future.

Bitcoin as an alternative investment, but not as a future rival to Visa and Mastercard!

Guangzhou Shang, a cryptocurrency scholar at Florida State University College of Business, has no particular predictions on the value or use of Bitcoinbut he doesn’t think he can compete with credit and debit cards in day-to-day transactions.

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“Bitcoin will never pose a threat to Visa or Mastercard as a payment processing system”Mr. Shang said.

Mastercard works with industry leaders

Mastercard announced a partnership with Coinbase in January, just one of a series of recent collaborations linking the payment giant with cryptocurrency companies.

Coinbase customers can make purchases of digital assets using Mastercard credit and debit cards.

MasterCard could become a market leader in the cryptocurrency industry thanks to its extensive growth plan dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

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