How to become a profitable and financially free forex trader

Online trading is an activity that often seems incredible to people like you and me, especially when they don’t know much about it, since they see it as a way to make money online in financial services markets from a computer and a simple internet connection. However, being profitable in forex trading is not given to everyone, it is often said that there would be 90% of losing traders and therefore 10% of winning traders, I’ll explain here as a profitable trader what are the keys to joining the successful trader club.

Having the right mindset

It is important to have a profitable trading mindset and to develop it. For this, for example, it will be necessary to remain realistic in his trading and in his objectives, to control his risk through trade (not to gamble), to understand his every trade in a rational way, to be patient, to privilege quality over quantity of trade (sometimes I trade only in the morning and I just need 1 trade per day, for example I generated 7000 € in Australia by trading only in the morning), be organized (have a trading routine), but also trade from A to Z, be confident in your trading strategy and never trade emotionally.

Develop a profitable trading strategy

To maximize your chances of trading success, you will need to take a position intelligently, based for example on certain technical criteria. This is what I explain in the PXTR day trading course, in which I show through my videos my trading methodology, the one that allowed me to make a total profit of € 11,475 in Forex trading in October or even to earn more than 35,000 € in profits over 4 months (withdrawals from my supporting bank account). I therefore recommend to anyone, beginner or not equipped with a solid trading strategy, to study the PXTR strategy in order to see what works for me as well as the trades that have already followed the training and possibly draw inspiration or replicate the same methodology to replicate. this kind of full-scale performance of your investment.

Have realistic goals

Wanting to quit your job within two months of trading after investing € 1000 is unrealistic. To leave the rat race, you’ll need to make an effort, step away from this kind of idea, and set realistic goals. We must accept the reality of knowing how much we are ready to invest in Forex, what risk we take per trade and consequently what gains this risk is likely to generate.

Personally I’m risking $ 450 per trade right now and earning an average of € 7000 per month (as I explain in the video about my last 4 withdrawals). I risk about 2% to 2.5% of my capital per transaction on a capital of $ 20,000 and I raised this capital of just $ 1000 as I have demonstrated since 2017, which then allowed for 4 or even 5-figure performance each month of the following year.

Let’s take an example in euros, for example 7,000 euros of earnings on a capital of 20,000 euros, this gives about 35% return on investment in one month. If we divide the risk by 2, we get an average return on investment of 17.5% per month. Assuming we simply take 2/3 of the trades, we drop to over 11% per month. We understand that with very moderate risk and by replicating the trades I carry out, we can easily hit the 10% profitability per month thanks to day tradingthis is an example of realistic performance, in the long run a capital can be quickly multiplied if this performance is achieved every month on a recurring basis.

The day trading strategy that made me financially free

As explained above, it is partly thanks to my trading system, the PXTR strategy, that I was able to quickly achieve financial and geographical independence. These with the earnings generated for a few years with this trading strategy that I was able to settle in Thailand and travel to many countries such as Australia for example recently or Bali.

If financial freedom through Forex trading interests you, then I invite you to receive free PXTR training. This training will help you understand my trading strategy that I have developed over the last few years and will save you a lot of time (my few years of experience with it).

Happy trading!

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