in turmoil, startups are trying everything for everything

After an impressive end of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, we are seeing a slight slowdown in the NFT market. This is reflected in emblematic cases such as the heritage of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, whose value has significantly decreased in recent times. Another example: Jack Dorsey’s first tweet NFT was sold for $ 2.9 million, while its buyer was only able to withdraw $ 6,800 recently.

Objective: to keep the flame alive around the NFTs

It is in this gloomy context that an essential profession is developing at the very heart of the Web3 industry. The Guardian thus evokes these “chief vibes officer” or “director of vibrations”, which can be translated as responsible for vibrations. Clearly, it is up to the latter to keep the focus around NFTs and encourage newcomers to invest.

Our colleagues cite the case of the startup NFT Fractional, which was one of the first to create this type of position. It is described as a kind of mix of skills between influencers and community managers.

The British newspaper also cites the example of special concerts organized for NFT Bored Ape holders with famous artists such as Lil Baby, Timbaland and Haim. Objective: to have fun and also to avoid thinking too much about the collapse of values ​​in this extremely volatile market.

Some speakers quoted by The Guardian attacks these initiatives quite harshly, as Molly White, a software engineer explains: ” Many of these projects clearly need a steady influx of new idiots to support the pricing of these tokens or NFTs or whatever the project is all about. “.

This version is contradicted by Tally Labs “vibe director” Jerome, who acknowledges that there is a lot of artificial marketing around certain companies. But the latter sees beyond and dreams of seeing the establishment ” of a fictional universe around Bored Apes, including a novel with over 4,000 digital monkeys, co-authored by The Game author Neil Straus “The idea is ultimately to embark up to 3 billion people in this pharaonic project.

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