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While runaway inflation has led to a drop in the price of cryptocurrencies, many specialists paradoxically consider the time to be a great time to invest.

Laurent Pignot, an analyst at Zonebourse, explains in particular that he is “It’s always interesting to get into a bitcoin down 70% rather than a bitcoin that’s at $ 69,000 in full euphoria. Historically, it’s better to buy panic than areas of bullish euphoria.”. (source)

But in practice, when we are looking for an investment for our savings or when we want to diversify our portfolio of assets, we are constantly torn between:

  • The frustration of missing out on an investment opportunity, especially given the multitude of options available;
  • The constant fear of losing the money invested following a bear market.

Result: we don’t dare to start, we get discouraged and never know what the right decision to make is.

Hence the interest in French innovation Simple crypto : this “next generation” digital financial advisor who democratizes access to cryptocurrency investments.

A simple, reliable and secure tool approved by the financial authorities.

“CryptoSimple’s mission? To make smart investing in cryptocurrencies easy, affordable and accessible to all.” Victor Metzger, co-founder of CryptoSimple

“Safe” investments thanks to the “Dollar Cost Averaging” (DCA) method.

The DCA is a prudent strategy that limits the risks as much as possible: the total amount is invested in small increments over time.

Thus, by avoiding investing everything at once, it will be possible to take advantage of the downturns of the markets without risking too much capital at a given moment.

Victor Metzger points out:

“This method helps offset any negative effect on an investment caused by short-term market volatility. So if an asset’s price falls during the time you’re averaging, you can make a profit if the price goes up.”

It is thus possible to buy cryptocurrencies:

  • WITHOUT messing with market timing (a notoriously difficult job!);
  • WITHOUT unintentionally risking using all your funds to invest “a lump sum” at most.

Choose an affordable amount and invest regularly

It doesn’t matter the price of the assets – the key is to buy regularly. This has the potential to “mediate” the cost of purchases over time and reduce the overall impact of a sudden price drop on a given purchase.

Additionally, if prices fall, DCA buy orders may continue to be issued, as expected, with the potential for returns when prices recover.

A simple and intuitive platform aimed at the greatest number

As the name suggests, CryptoSimple was specifically designed to be … simple.

It is therefore suitable for all crypto-curious and all crypto-curious who:

They have neither the time nor the will to become financial analysts

Reading and analyzing the market, using trading platforms and creating investment strategies is therefore beyond the average reach of what a normal person has learned or wants to learn.

I don’t want a “gas factory” full of useless features

The most popular financial apps (Revolut, Coinbase, are constantly adding new features. So much so that they have become too complex for mere mortals.

Going against these practices, CryptoSimple offers a suite of apps that provide financial services to ordinary people.

You want to grow at your own pace

CryptoSimple also provides gateways to other apps to satisfy even the most seasoned investors.

In fact, the app suite will soon include investment, DeFi, savings, services, perks and business apps. Each app will be dedicated to a specific audience and will have specific characteristics.

So there will never be a feature overload or tedious handling of unnecessary information.

“No more steep learning curves, different types of” bags “or” wallets “! We offer our users a smooth experience like with their normal banking application.”

Cutting-edge expertise to optimize every investment

Did you know that less than 1% of people who invest in cryptocurrencies have an investment advisor? However, when it comes to their regular wallet, nearly 1 in 5 Europeans are accompanied.

It is therefore urgent to educate and support all those who want to invest in cryptocurrency!

The need is all the greater as this market is particularly complex and opaque for all people who do not have solid previous knowledge.

CryptoSimple therefore allows you to take advantage of it advice from trusted financial experts, all accredited and fully master all the intricacies of the cryptocurrency market.

  • In a few clicks you can get:
  • Solid and reliable financial advice;
  • Sustainable and effective tools and strategies;
  • A tailor-made strategy;

A transparent investment process that includes a comprehensive risk tolerance questionnaire, optimal linking to different portfolio categories, sound portfolio diversification and an always available advisory service.

5 security guarantees that make the difference

  1. The French start-up is regulated as a PSAN (digital asset service provider) by the AMF (Financial Markets Authority).
  2. CryptoSimple is one of the first applications using DeFi to be regulated in the world and the 24th in France.
  3. Funds are deposited and withdrawn in fiat currency (initially Euro) in order to comply with the legislation of the user’s country.
  4. The app provides an easy reporting mechanism for taxes and accounting.
  5. There are no hidden costs (zero registration fees, filing fees, etc.).

Focus on the first proposed application: CryptoSimple Invest

CryptoSimple Invest provides investment portfolios (conservative, moderate and aggressive) of cryptocurrencies. These are created by a team of experts in financial consulting and analysis on DeFi and cryptocurrencies.

The app guides each user through a quick process of understanding their risk profile and needs, thus recommending an appropriate investment amount and managing all transactions for the person.

“Our goal: that the next time a friend or family member asks you what is the best way to invest in cryptocurrency, you will naturally answer CryptoSimple.”

About the Dream Team

François-Julien ALCARAZ (President and R&D Director), Axel Gillino (Product Director), Dorian RAVAUTE (Legal director, PhD in taxation and blockchain) e Victor METZGER (Marketing Director) have been involved in the cryptocurrency industry for a long time.

They got the idea of ​​the CryptoSimple concept from their own experiences – their friends and families were constantly asking them how to invest.

“It is no secret that the cryptocurrency industry is still a confusing and complex thing to this day. And while it is easy for some, many still need to be accompanied to start investing in this recent cutting-edge sector.”

In March 2021, they then launched CryptoSimple, the first easy-to-use digital financial advisor for ordinary people who want to take advantage of the earnings possible with cryptocurrency. A few months later, in July, the start-up finalized a first fundraising of 140,000 euros.

Today CryptoSimple is launched in Europe, where the software is compliant with anti-money laundering regulations. It is also operated under the auspices of a company certified as a Digital Asset Service Provider (PSAN) and Investment Financial Advisory (CIF).

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Warning: This article is promotional content and does not constitute investment advice. Do your research and invest only the money you can afford to lose.

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