Is 10% profit per month in Forex trading possible?

Growing your money is something many internet users aspire to. You may be wondering, how much money can you make from forex trading? € 100 per month, € 500, € 1,000? The performance varies from one trader to another and expressed in currencies such as the euro, will also depend on the size of the capital with which you operate. If we take the rough statistic of 10% profitability per month, know that this is a completely reasonable and achievable performance.

120% per year in Forex trading?

If we generate an average profit of 10% per month, this gives us a cumulative profit of 120% per year if we don’t change the size of our operations from the beginning to the end of the year. If we increase the size of our operations based on the evolution of capital, we practice the compound interest strategy and this can give us a much higher performance of about 314% (10% to the power of 12). Let’s make it very simple and imagine a profitability of 10% per month. Let’s say you start with € 1,000 which would give you € 100 in profit per month, good enough isn’t it?

Of course, we are not making you lose easy profits and we are telling you that you will systematically generate a profit of 10% per month. No, where we are going is Forex trading can allow you to generate this type of performance if you understand how the market works and how to profit from it. Check out our latest range trading video, where we made a profit of $ 813 over a week with a $ 100 risk on $ 3,200 equity (or around 3% risk per trade) . This $ 813 performance therefore represents a 25% return on our initial capital! Imagine playing the same type of method but even with a 1% risk, it could give you a profit divided by 3, or 8% profitability and this in just one trading week.

Forex trading to diversify your Livret A savings?

You can easily realize the possibilities of return on investment offered by forex trading, obviously without putting aside the risk of loss that this activity entails. We also realize that in addition to livret A’s 1.5% annual profitability, it’s worth getting into trading and trying to earn more, right? It is possible to start trading from a few hundred euros and you also have the option to open a demo account before going live.

Choose a serious forex broker

Getting into forex trading is a great idea if you are thinking of generating additional income on the internet, however make sure you use the platform of a licensed forex broker, such as broker Etoro. Keep in mind that by trading through a licensed broker who has licenses, you protect your capital from the risks of investment scams and have one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world of financial market speculation. Etoro is an example of a serious forex broker that we recommend, opening an Etoro account is possible starting from a deposit of 200 € and entitles you to the Forexagone Guarantee.

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