New Fundraiser Animoca Brands – The NFT giant is worth $ 5.9 billion

And yes, we still talk about Animoca Brands!Animoca Brands, a venture capital firm, continues to make headlines in the crypto ecosystem. He led the funding round for Planetarium workshops which raised $ 32 million. At the same time, Animoca Brands finalized a $ 75 million fundraiser. The target. the goal? Keep growing in the blockchain gaming environment.

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Animoca Brands raises another 75 million

According to a press release dated July 12, Animoca Brands announced that they have roughly relaunched 75 million dollars (A $ 104.57 million). Investors taking part in this fundraiser include Liberty City Ventures, 10T and Alpha Wave Ventures.

Animoca Brands completes the $ 75 million fundraiser

The darkness of the year 2022 for the cryptocurrency market does not seem to have an impact on Animoca Brands! This $ 75 million amount is to be added to the 358 million dollars that the venture capital firm managed to raise last January. Therefore, this brings the company’s premonetary valuation to around $ 5.9 billion.

In addition, the new capital will be used to continue financing promising projects And strategic to grow the valuation of your portfolio. Last June he was rated at 1.5 billion dollars.

The Associate Director of Liberty City, Emil Woods She said :

“Over the next decade, humanity will discover and embrace the revolutionary power that blockchain-based digital asset ownership will bring to many aspects of daily life.”

This overall fundraiser is 433 million dollars. It will also allow Animoca Brands to legally guarantee the licenses in its portfolio and to continue developing the metaverse.

Furthermore, the company on the border between blockchain games and investments continues to develop its own projects such as Arc8 and REVV Motorsport.

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