NFT: a video game giant launches its platform

News hardware NFT: a video game giant launches its platform

Although it has recently been at its lowest, the non-fungible token market is constantly attracting new companies. Gamestop, the giant of video game distribution in the United States, has just announced the launch of its NFT platform. A godsend for the company that is going through difficult times.

Gamestop launches the platform for the purchase and sale of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The discomfort of the NFT market these days does not hold back the giants of the gaming industry, who are still interested in the blockchain sector. In fact, whether it’s publishers with Epic Games or developers like Ubisoft, everyone wants to conquer their market share in the web3.

This time it is the giant of the gaming industry Gamestop to announce that it is setting foot in the NFT universe. The news is not new, the company specializing in the distribution of video games and electronic equipment in the United States had expressed its intention to open its own NFT buying and reselling platform in February 2022.

American “Micromania” has honored its word since it just opened its non-fungible token exchange market on July 11. Like Opensea, the platform allows you to connect your crypto wallet to buy, resell or trade non-fungible tokens.

Recall that an NFT (Non Fungible Token) is defined as a digital ownership certificate in the form of a token issued on a blockchain. An NFT is usually illustrated by a photo or video. These tokens are non-fungible (NFT), which means they have a unique value unlike cryptocurrencies, which are fungible (1 bitcoin = 1 bitcoin). This feature has in particular allowed the NFT to shine in art by creating value and rarity in digital works available on the web. Furthermore, in addition to art, this technology offers multiple uses in different sectors such as video games, product traceability, property rights, etc.

On its market, Gamestop has brought together more than 200 collections for a total of 53,000 NFTs of all kinds.

In a logic of innovation, the Gamestop platform also offers its own wallet together with MetaMask and WalletConnect, benchmark in crypto storage and NFT.

Gamestop relies on NFTs to recover financially

Despite the drop in prices and the general decline in interest in NFTs, Gamestop has managed to transform the process, as in just two days the platform recorded a sales volume of over € 2 million. More volume than cryptocurrency giant Coinbase …

This opportunity could prove to be an ideal opportunity to manage the crisis that the company is going through. Indeed, the American company is facing difficult times due to the drop in its share price or the massive layoffs it has undertaken this month.

With the help of new technologies, the video game giant Gamestop wants to diversify to withstand the business crisis.

Soon Micromania’s turn to start on web3?

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