NFT Marketplace – Gamestop Coming to Web3

On line – After numerous press releases announcing the imminent launch of its market NFT, GameStop finally puts the words into practice. The company specializing in video games formalizes its entry into Web3.

236 inaugural NFTs

The beta version of the application it is open to the public. Its users must therefore plan for possible failures. According to a July 11 press release, GameStop’s NFT market is onlinemore than a year after the company announced the project in May last year.

The NFT platform is currently on display 236 NFT collections hosted on Ethereum (ETH)and on its second level Loopring.

Announced in a statement on February 3 this year, GameStop planned to build their NFT platform on Immutable Xanother level 2 of Ethereum, but the realization of this project is yet to “come”.

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Good points for GameStop

Scalability remains a major battleground for crypto and NFT protocols. By logging into the platform using GameStop Wallet or an Ethereum-enabled wallet, users can buy, sell, trade or issue NFTs, to a relatively high speed and lower cost.

In addition to these classic features offered by competing marketplaces, users of the GameStop NFT platform can view job statistics, or access the teaching materials which is available to them.

Game assets along with artwork

While it’s mostly arts-focused at the moment, given GameStop’s ambitions in NFT games, the company’s platform will host game assetsin the future.

Immutable X and GameStop did not skimp on the means to enrich the offer of this young marketplace, with a fund of 100 million dollars in Immutable X IMX tokens, to support the work of content creators and NFT developers.

Given GameStop’s current weight in the video game market, the company’s NFT market has, on paper, the potential to rise to the same rank as OpenSea’s cryptographic unicorn.

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