NFT: Nike sells part of the commercial rights of its Clone X to the owners

Strengthen the fans – Last April, Nike announced with great fanfare the launch of its new gym shoes to be mounted only in the metaverse. The famous Nike Cryptokicks make people jealous and happy like every time the Swoosh brand launches a new product! Nike started off to attack the metaverse acquiring the RTFKT startup – pronounces “Artifact – and hopes to remain the undisputed leader in trendy sneakers. But instead of closing the game, the American brand is giving its fans the freedom to exploit the commercial rights of some of its own NFT. And this is new!

Clone X, protagonist of RTFKT

The society RTFKT was founded in 2019 by three friends including Frenchman Benoit Pagotto. Looks like a real one ever since success story ! Collaborations with famous artists of the digital world are multiplying, but not only. At the helm we find Jeff Stable, the crypto-artist Fewocious or even Murakami, the star of Japanese design.

The series entitled Cloning X will finally reveal to the general public the particular talent of this company. It will be purchased by the American giant Nike in December 2020 who will want to wear our avatars in the future. Collect the X clones 20,000 characters cartoon type. They are part of seven different species: human, demon, angel, robot, lizard man, alien and undead. Some species are obviously rarer than others. So much for Clone X, if you want to know more, go to this article published last December. Ah yes, just know it will cost you around 12ET acquire a series NFT.

Some specimens of Clone X to give you an idea – Source:

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NFT owners will be able to do business with

Originally, the owners of these Cloning X couldn’t do much about it. Just collect them or use them as a profile picture and show them with them on Twitter. But more and more content is on the way. The idea is to be able to evolve them, dress them up or even wear them. Eventually there will be – Certainly – a metaverse where your little characters can have their own life.

In anticipation of this wonderful day, it is now good weather reality that Nike offers you to do business. In fact, like what is done with the Bored Apes Yacht Club collection, the commercial rights of your NFT Clone X belongs to you. This means that, in practice, it is possible to use the image for commercial purposes. Create a restaurant, launch a comic, make a short film or even T-shirts. By purchasing the NFT, you are purchasing the right toexploitation commercial with. And that’s smart enough of Nike. Indeed, the cultural and commercial influence of a single Clone X ultimately benefits the entire series.

Big American companies had got us used to mastery complete commercial strategy and control of all derivative products. It seems that technological evolution goes hand in hand with a change of mentality. Nike gives back some of the creative power to her fans and allows them to earn money together with her. This is welcome and proves this famous Web3 it could break down some barriers… even if it sometimes takes surprising forms!

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