NFT: Reddit publishes avatars on the blockchain

Prohibited – Reddit will post avatars on the blockchain Polygon (MATIC)a project that still wants to distance itself from CryptoPunks or their peers.

Blockchain, art and the forbidden word

Some words are taboo. In its July 7 post, Reddit lays out the details of its new showcase ofavatar designed by partner artists. This collection is available in a limited edition. It is hosted on the Polygon blockchain.

Despite the characteristics of these collectibles they look almost similar to those of NFT, the company pay attention, however, to the use of the termin his article of over seven hundred words.

The price for breaking with NFTs

In this attempt to distinguish its avatars from classic NFTs, Reddit also points out the Pricing policy Death collectibles.

” You do not have there is no need for cryptocurrency to buy these avatars, and they are not auctioned either. ”

The sale of a work published on blockchain in fiat currencies and at a fixed price, is out of stock with the business practices commonly associated with NFTs.

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Misleading differences?

These points of difference, highlighted, however, are secondary. Technical attributes take control about these accidental marketing elements.

The keywords used in the Reddit post to describe his avatars speak for themselves, and contain the main ingredients of a non-fungible token: avatars “are supported by blockchain technology “, A property that gives its owners the” rights (one license) »To use your resources on Reddit or outside.

Reddit: greater visibility

Personalized avatars to highlight a unique identity on Reddit: the company has already offered this possibility to redditors, since the launch of his improved avatar generatorfor about two years.

It also offers a personalization feature for these avatars. It would therefore be a question of using specific accessories, outfits and hairstyles.

These new avatars will be launched on Polygon. They differ mainly in the blockchain basis who supports them. They also produce a light effect in the comment sections, if set as a profile picture.

Reddit therefore shows some modesty regarding non-fungible tokens for its avatars on Polygon. Twitter, he assumes the use of NFT in profile photos on its platform.

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