NFT: The SandBox, Season 3 Alpha Pass soon in the trash

The Sandbox, child’s play – The cryptocurrency market it’s pretty gloomy these days. It is not yet a time of celebration for the cryptosphere. However, this bear market period does not put an end to the morale of some, who continue to build tomorrow’s ecosystem and universe in the shadows. The sandboxfounded and led by the French Sebastian Borget, is part of this team. The world’s first metaverse project, still under development, its reputation is second to none. Building on its findings, The Sandbox gradually announces the launch of its season 3, a testing phase for players and developers. The doors of The Sandbox will open soon.

With a market capitalization of over $ 1 billion and an NFT wallet to make more than one enthusiast dream, The Sandbox, created in 2021, is arguably the most successful metaverse game. Its virtual lands are clipped and represented by NFT. We can acquire them and then create a pixelated world within them according to our creativity.

Web 3 news actor, the metaverse game is often talked about. Supported by both collaborations with renowned artists such as JamiroquaI or Snoop Dogg only through alliances with major economic players such as HSBC bank or UbisoftThe Sandbox has surrounded itself with solid partners and powerful support: that ofBrands Animoca, the giant NFT. Plots of land represented by squares, small, medium or large, are traded at gold prices on the blockchain Ethereum and Polygon.

Many plots, represented by a single square, which like grains constitute and enrich the sandbox – Source: The sandbox map

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A game to be earned

The Sandbox then presents a pixelated metaverse where you can own and open your universe to visitors. It is also possible to build this universe with the VoxeEdit free software to model your NFTs and Game Maker software to create your own video game. Some people build worlds like this, NFT decorative items and other avatars that can also be exchanged for SAND cryptocurrency, thus generating revenue.

In addition, it is also possible to earn SAND, native cryptocurrency of the project by evolving in the game over the seasons and completing missions. This passive income can then, via The Sandbox website and with your wallet Metamask to be pointed and wears swimming pools of liquidity to benefit from even more passive income. It’s called a game play to earn : play to win.

However, the platform remains above all a space for creation and recreation. But The sandbox it goes much further as it also represents a social space where users can interact with each other and exchange ideas. However, The sandbox is development course and not all of its features are complete. The game regularly opens its doors and offers “seasons” with key rewards. These developer and player testing phases are an illustration of what it’s called a Alpha phase in a game They allow you to see the feasibility of the game in the field e put into practice.

And rightly so. For several weeks, he was whispered in the corridors of The sandbox that the season 3 It will be available soon. Open to all and free, the season promises to be epic.

Season 3: 10,000 Alpha Passes to be won

The sandbox has established itself on the Ethereum blockchain and more recently polygon. There will be plenty of opportunities to participate in Season 3.

You can try the metaverse for free and participate by registering with your social networks.

“Join for free and level up to earn one of 10,000 Alpha Passes. Will you have what it takes to reach level 5 and earn up to 500 SAND? Let’s find out this summer! “

The Sandbox – Source: Medium

This way of doing things will allow you to discover the game without feeling financially exposed. However, if you like the game, keep this in mind you will not be able to validate your earnings without the web wallet 3.

On the other hand, if you sign up with a wallet Web similar to a metamask 3, you can claim your winnings at the end of the season. If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, this tutorial will walk you through the steps create a Metamask account.

The best players will then be awarded with a Alpha pass which can allow up to 500 SANDS prizes in addition to the so-called prizes at stakein the game and above all access to functionality to be tested in alpha.

The opening dates of The Sandbox Season 3 will be announced shortly and registrations will then be open. We will pave the way together to take full advantage of the experience that The Sandbox will offer. See you next week to find out how to play The Sandbox right now. Until then, stay tuned.

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