NFT: This is how some musicians earn in 2 minutes, what they would earn with millions of views!

On April 20, the rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur released Session on death row: vol. 2 On in the form of an NFT. In just one day, the 1,000 copies were sold for a total of 100 Ethers (ETH), at the time just over $ 300,000.

NFT and Web3 are no strangers to Snoop. It owns a number of digital assets, including NFT Criptopunk e Bored monkey. He also produced some. Snoop has also released songs and a video as NFT.

This time he took a different approach. He shouted at Iman Europe, MoRuf Adewunmi, Black Dave and Heno, all known for paving the way for Web3 artists.

Web3 and NFT condemn traditional music labels!

Recently, several celebrities have promoted NFT, both to promote their collections and to promote a new investment. Artists are increasingly turning to this industry, as they see it as a more profitable method of making a living than what the traditional music industry has to offer.

Instead of depending on a label or streaming service, blockchain technology allows artists to set their own prices, receive royalties from secondary market sales, and communicate directly with their fans.

Web3 is seen as the future of the music industry.

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Nigerian American rapper MoRuf (34) told Fortune: ” Web3 is credible and a real phenomenon. It has allowed us to support ourselves through our work and to form a community that we never imagined existed.. This is its strength “..

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