Online trading: guide and advice for trading in 2022

In recent years, online trading has stood out as one of the most effective ways to generate income. But this little-known investment technique can scare potential investors. This is why we have chosen to create a quick guide, to enlighten you on the best investments of 2022, and to give you the advice you need to start trading.

The best markets to trade in 2022

To trade effectively, you need to know which currencies to invest in to make the most profit. Since we want to give you the best online trading advice, our team of experts has chosen two of the most promising markets for this year.

The Turkish lira has been growing exponentially from 2019 and will rise for a while longer. It is therefore the ideal time to invest in this currency, whose future is quite predictable: with inflation of 21.3% in 2021, it is one of the currencies that has gained the most value in recent times! A FOREX investment of choice, which can bring you significant profits in 2022.

Gold is the safest commodity to invest in. Considered to be the most effective remedy for inflation, the precious yellow metal is also a promising long-term investment: its natural reserves are dwindling and will soon run out, which means that its price can only rise. If you are looking for a safe market to place your money in, gold is the ideal candidate!

Our tips for earning

  • Avoid cryptocurrencies in 2022 : Cryptocurrencies, which we thought untouchable, were hit hard by the collapse linked to the war in Ukraine. In addition to their notorious instability, we have therefore been able to observe that they are linked to the stock market and its fluctuations. This makes Bitcoin, Ethereum and other assets to be avoided at all costs, with the risk of losing large sums of money.
  • Use leverage under certain conditions : the leverage effect (o lever in English) allows you to invest more than the initial investment of your position. Although it is considered a very risky practice in trading, you can still apply conditions to it. Thanks to the Stop Loss and Take Profit options, you can respectively limit your losses in case of bad investment and generate more profits by selling at the best time.
  • Invest a profitable sum : If you are new to trading, you may be tempted to invest a small amount to see how this system works. But below € 100, you will not be able to make significant profits and you may lose your investment on the first mistake. We therefore recommend that you invest a minimum amount of € 100, ideally € 1000 to experiment and progress in online trading.

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