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Each exchange has its own terms for new cryptocurrency listings. The rates charged for new projects and the accompanying package differ. Some exchanges are rigorous in selecting the tokens to list. The P2PB2B cryptocurrency listing agency has created an ideal environment for new cryptocurrency developers, be it a large team with experienced developers and community support or young start-ups who still need help raising reputational capital. .


New Cryptocurrency Lists on Tier 1 Crypto Exchange

To make integrating your crypto project into exchanges as easy as possible, choosing the right entry point for a crypto list is essential.

Popular exchanges often set the highest level for a list of crypto exchanges in terms of fees and required documents. P2PB2B SEO agency focuses on friendly cooperation with all projects and does not discriminate against them in terms of solvency or previous experience. The application process for cryptocurrency listings is simple. Once the form is completed, you are assigned a personal team that will take care of the list of cryptocurrencies of your project.

Why listing cryptocurrencies with P2PB2B is highly profitable

P2PB2B is not only a cryptocurrency agency for token listing, but also a world-renowned central exchange platform. Therefore, you can enjoy the following benefits from your cooperation:

● Increase your token’s reputation within the global crypto community.

● High liquidity due to many users.

● Investments in your project will allow you to continue its development at an accelerated pace.

● Marketing support for your project which will promote it in many directions.

Why You Need Good New Crypto Marketing

The market for cryptocurrencies and associated infrastructure has grown so rapidly in recent years that it has become fashionable. The return on submission of new projects can be very high. Many development groups regularly present projects for relisting coins in exchanges. In order not to go unnoticed in this flood of novelties, it is necessary to carry out an effective marketing campaign whose knowledge of the mechanisms is perfectly mastered by P2PB2B specialists.

P2PB2B knows how to gather around your project an active community of users who will be interested in acquiring it. By maintaining strong links with the global community of cryptocurrency holders, the exchange team knows how to popularize new tokens among them. The new cryptocurrency listings on exchanges with P2PB2B will give you the most positive experience of entering the cryptocurrency market.

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