Projects to follow closely in the crypto universe: in the 21 Million newsletter program

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Scheduled this Friday, in “21 million, your cryptocurrency coach”:

1 – Projects to follow closely in the cryptocurrency universe

The dossier of the week will be dedicated to the most promising projects in the crypto sector, those that are likely to find a good place within the vast ecosystem of tomorrow.

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2 – Investment advice of the week

Like every Friday, a cryptocurrency expert will give you advice on how to best invest your money in digital assets and help you maximize your profits. This time, Edouard Gallego, of the Konsensus Network publishing house, will present four books you need to know to better master the universe of cryptocurrencies. Readings for beginners and for the more experienced on the subject.

3 – What to remember about the week

We have selected and cross-referenced the main events of the last seven days. Be at the forefront of cryptocurrency news by keeping the essentials.

Price analysis

And if you haven’t read it yet, here’s what this Tuesday’s newsletter contained, “21 million, price analysis” :

1 – Interview with Jean-Marie Mognetti

Co-founder and CEO of Coinshares, one of the pioneers of cryptocurrency investing, Jean-Marie Mognetti notes that the market is in a defensive position, waiting to know which players will survive the “bear market”. “Ongoing. It also highlights the main difference between this bearish cycle and the previous one in 2018.

2. Nicolas Gallant’s double technical analysis

Financial journalist and technical analysis expert at Capital, Nicolas Gallant believes that bitcoin and ether may soon take a short-term direction, but the underlying trend remains negative.

3. Focus of the week

Laurent Albie, manager of Next Momentum, is interested this week in BAT, the utility token of the Basic Attention Token blockchain, which may be in the process of reversing its bearish trend.

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