Report – Crypto fundraising soars into 2021

The period of general decline that the cryptocurrency market is going through is definitely not having the same impact for everyone. With projects in great difficulty, often proportional to their exposure more or less close to the Earth ecosystem. And many investors in charge of portfolios whose amount has been divided by 2 or 3, at best, from the historical peaks recorded last year. However, in this rather gloomy environment, some data allows us to shed a completely different light on the current situation. Because it would seem that investments in the crypto sector are not going through the crisis, on the contrary …

Some information can energize investors. Like the trigger of the famous technical rebound that everyone was waiting for without really believing it. With a cryptocurrency market back in green, but still waiting in the face of a bearish trend that nothing can invalidate forever. And a summer goal of $ 30,000 for Bitcoin that still requires validation of some favorable technical signals. Because the general trend remains towards the financial crisis …

However, not all is necessarily bad in this type of market environment. Because it allows you to build more and more new projects in a less volatile environment. But also to carry out potentially very interesting operations at unbeatable prices. A rule applied by industry giants participating in opportunistic mergers and acquisitions. And a counter-current discovery that the Messari facility just made in its latest inventory of the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrencies – Investments on the rise for 2022

The situation may seem catastrophic for those who don’t look up from the cryptocurrency market charts. Because even taking into account the current technical rebound, losses remain very significant compared to the all-time highs of 2021. However, the projects and actors of this ecosystem continue to develop and create innovative initiatives. But also important partnerships, as in the recent case of the agreement between the Coinbase platform and the asset manager BlackRock. A trend that has just been quantified by the analyst firm Messari in a recent report published this week. And obviously, the year 2022 already exceeds the previous ones in terms of investments.

In fact, according to the data published in this report, the cryptocurrency sector has already raised $ 30.3 billion for the first half of 2022. This was during 1199 financing operations listed and organized since January. A figure that already exceeds the total obtained in the whole of 2021. Because, in this period, 1,313 fundraising campaigns have been activated to obtain the sum of 30.2 billion dollars. With four main sectors affected which are DeFi, its centralized version CeFi, the very popular and catch-all Web3 connected to NFTs and the more generic field of infrastructure.


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CeFi – Largely leading investments

And the sector that pockets the largest share of this pie is undoubtedly the CeFi. This centralized version of DeFi is often developed alongside or within cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Indeed, this area alone wins more than a third of this envelope, with a total sum of $ 10.3 billion. Even if the infrastructures are no less on the second step of the podium, with 9.7 billion dollars. Then come the Web3 and NFT tokens which carry a combined check of $ 8.6 billion. And the big loser in this case is none other than DeFi, which raises just $ 1.8 billion in this same period.

CeFi-> Exchanges also led the way. The CeFi sector grossed $ 10.3 billion in the first six months of the year, with nearly half of all funding rounds exceeding $ 10 million. “


To go into more detail in this report, it appears that This sector of the CeFi has raised a total of $ 3.2 billion for cryptocurrency exchange platforms. But it also includes payment services, market makers and savings or banking companies, with equally high amounts. When it comes to Web3 and NFT, the latter take the biggest chunk of the $ 8.6 billion. In particular for everything related to crypto-games with an amount 4 times higher than all other applications of these non-fungible tokens.

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So it looks like Fundraising and other funding rounds are accelerating in the cryptocurrency industry. Most likely, because the sharp decline in recent months represents a very attractive opportunity for investment and venture capital structures. An observation that therefore seems determined to prove the lie of the Morgan Stanley investment bank specialists, who last June announced a serious slowdown expected for the year 2022!

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