Rick Ross still doesn’t understand the meaning of NFTs

Don’t go questioning Rick Ross on the advisability of investing in NFTs. From the tycoon’s point of view, crypto tokens are of little interest.

Rick Ross and the NFTs, a good story

A few weeks ago, the interpreter of Hustlin he mocked people who bet on NFTs, urging investors to reveal their profits. Even more, she will go so far as to speak “fake money”, before claiming that he is already rich enough to take an interest in the trend. After his remarks, Ricky Rozay will even go so far as to wonder if he himself caused the fall of the NFTs, as the market has more or less collapsed lately: “Dude, I just woke up and heard the NFT market plummeted 92%, I hope it wasn’t because of my post. “

Obviously not having finished his tirade on the fries, the Bawse has given a layer on social. The big boss of the Maybach Music Group after asking NFT holders Bored Ape, having dominated the market a little earlier in the year, what they do with their acquisitions: “Guys, what are you doing with your Bored Ape monkey NFTs? “

He will then sign an Instagram Story, spreading his fortune and giving some advice to those who like him would like to live in luxury. From the great Rick Ross, in short.

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