Soon NFT on Instagram in more than 100 countries

Meta (commonly used to refer to the company Meta Platforms, Inc.) has announced a new project. The company intends to distribute NFTs in 100 countries after conducting tests on the subject in the United States. This project will allow thousands of users around the world to acquire NFTs on Instagram.

According to a tweet from Meta Newsroom on August 4th, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch “of digital collectibles in more than 100 countries“. Specifically, more users will be able to show their NFTs on Instagram be they individuals, creators or companies. This will allow the public to exchange digital files stored on the Flow blockchain via this social media. These files can represent graphics, music or video clips.

In fact, Meta has been doing some testing in the US lately with some NFT creators it has selected. This is to test an NFT feature that promotes the distribution of Instagram digital collectibles. The tests were successful, so Meta decided to expand its project to other countries.

The creator of Meta Platforms, Inc. also announced that the social network will support Coinbase Wallet. Users will also be able to use the ecological Flow blockchain focused on Web3 applications, via the secure gateway Dapper.

You should know that Mark Zuckerberg is committed to accelerating his company’s Web3 strategy despite the bear market. And Meta Platforms, Inc. has already invested $ 10 billion in this strategy since Facebook became Meta. Additionally, the company announced in June that it plans to roll out NFT on Facebook.

According to Meta’s official Twitter account, the company intends to allow more users around the world to use NTF. Users will be able to purchase digital collectibles on Instagram via Flow, Coinbase Wallet, and Dapper.

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