Last minute about 3600 additional indicators! Increase in salaries and pensions of civil servants! Policeman, nurse, teacher, everything is covered! Individually calculated! The new jobs wages are the lowest…

The Commission of 3600 Additional Indicators, awaited by millions of public employees and attended by the Government and Officer-Sen, will hold its third meeting tomorrow. Then it will be sent to Parliament, where it will be turned into a draft proposal. Increasing the additional indicator will directly affect three different payment types. Civil servant salaries, … Read more

Last minute: Beşiktaş – Fenerbahçe went crazy after the derby! Amazing, watch it again, it shouldn’t be good value…

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> In the 36th week of Spor Toto Super League, Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe shared their trump card in the derby. The critical fight contested at Vodafone Park ended in a 1-1 draw. While the derby was successful with a high tempo, Filip Novak scored in the 6th minute and gave Fenerbahçe the advantage. While Beşiktaş … Read more

Last minute… New pitbull horror images, where Asiye Ateş was injured, surprised!

Shock footage of Pitbull horror, which sparked outrage in Gaziantep, has been reached. In the newly obtained footage, Asiye, who was badly injured in the dog’s attack, plays with the dogs minutes before the incident. In the photographs of Asiye Ateş, we see that the little girl is entwined with the Pitbulls. According to Turkish … Read more

Fikret Bila: leaving Özdağ – Fikret Bila

President of the Victory Party Prof. Dr. Umit Özdag set the agenda with his statement on the refugee issue. Özdağ’s determined attitude towards sending refugees to their country received wide support from all segments of society. The reason was that Özdağ’s rhetoric was an interpreter of the feelings of a significant part of society and … Read more

I wish it was just this picture…

We did not have any problems, we had a new problem or a new entertainment that some people on the power side are rubbing their hands and looking at with pleasure: Ekrem İmamoğlu’s photo of the journalists attached to the Rize expedition! When I first saw the photo, I said, “No, Tayyip Bey is still … Read more

Interesting goal in the match Kocaelispor – Altınordu! What happened when the goalkeeper thought he was offside

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> Kocaelispor and Altınordu drew 2-2 in the two teams’ struggle to stay in the Spor Toto 1st League. Kocaelispor in the fight, 45+4. He took a 1-0 lead with the goal scored by Mehmet Taş from outside the penalty area in the second minute. Ahmet İlhan Özek, who took the ball from the penalty … Read more

Evaluation of İsmail Kartal’s derby at Fenerbahçe: the referee allowed harshness

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> As Fenerbahçe drew 1-1 with Beşiktaş, who they faced at Vodafone Park, İsmail Kartal rated the fight. Saying that referee Arda Kardeşler allowed the toughness, İsmail Kartal said: “Beşiktaş played very hard with the enthusiasm of their fans. They didn’t allow us to play or pass until the 55th minute. We didn’t We couldn’t … Read more