If Turkey believes today that the 13th president will be the candidate of the Alliance of Nations, it owes it to the Right Party.

President of the Good Party Meral Aksener, “If Turkey believes today that the 13th President of the Republic will be the candidate of the National Alliance, it owes its foundation to the Good Party, its women, its young people and its elders. So something has changed, everything has changed in Turkey. You changed something, that … Read more

All the comments of the horoscope for Sunday May 8!

Here are the comments for the daily horoscope for Sunday, May 8, the eighth day of the month. What will happen today with the daily interpretations of the 12 zodiac signs? We have compiled the interpretations of all the zodiac signs i.e. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces … Read more

(SUMMARY) Beşiktaş – Fenerbahçe match result: 1-1 – Beşiktaş (BJK)

The 36th week of Super League was the scene of a great derby. In the match where everything is played on the pitch in the name of football, Beşiktaş, struggling to stay in the European hoop under Valerien Ismael, hosted Fenerbahçe, who had a nice advantage on their way to the Champions League with İsmail … Read more

Davutoğlu’s remarkable statements! ‘In an office with 6 collaborations…’

Regarding the presidential election to be held in June 2023A remarkable statement came from the chairman of the Future Party, Ahmet Davutoğlu. “According to the new electoral law regarding entry to the Turkish Grand National Assembly, there is no difference between being in an alliance or entering separately.” says Davutoglu, “In this context, we favor … Read more

Beşiktaş – Fenerbahce match (LIVE) – Beşiktaş (BJK)

Struggling to stay in the European pot under Valerien Ismael, Beşiktaş host Fenerbahçe, who have a nice advantage on their way to the Champions League with İsmail Kartal. There are no Rosier, Vida and Montero in Kartal, Crespo, Serdar Aziz, Kim, Pelkas and Arda in Fener. Fenerbahce, who have a strong chance of finishing second … Read more

Big increase in pensions and salaries of civil servants! New wages became clear, raise rates…

After the announcement of inflation figures for May and June, the July increase for pensioners and civil servants will become clearer. While the rate of increase in the inflation gap for civil servants and pensions will be determined directly by the inflation figures, further increases will be put forward under the Welfare Regulation. Here’s the … Read more

A catastrophic flood occurred for the third time in Kastamonu: bridges collapsed in Çatalzeytin, roads collapsed! Citizens cannot enter their homes out of fear

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> In Çatalzeytin district of Kastamonu, the water level rose on the Akçay stream due to melting snow and torrential rains immediately afterwards. 9 bridges over the Akçay stream were destroyed by rising flood waters. With the demolition of the bridges, transport to 26 villages cannot be assured. In addition, due to heavy rains, the … Read more

Last minute! Meteorology has published its weather report for May 8! Heavy snowfall warning for some areas

According to the latest assessments made by the General Directorate of Meteorology, the north, interior and east of the country are partly cloudy, partly cloudy, the center and east of the Black Sea, the north and Eastern Eastern Anatolia, Eastern Southeastern Anatolia and surrounding areas of Sinop, Sivas, Bingöl and Şanlıurfa local rain and showers, … Read more

What did we experience that day at the “VIP dry beans” table in İmamoğlu?

Ertuğrul Ozkokreferring to his wife’s name”Letters to Tansuunder “and”newsletter“Today, a journalist from Tele1 Acar engineMayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Ekrem ImamogluHe told what happened from his own perspective, after the Black Sea region said “some journalists were privileged” during his trip to the Black Sea. from Ozkok “What did we experience that day at … Read more

‘Good news’ press release from the Minister of the Institution! “President Erdogan will announce”

Minister of Environment, Urban Planning and Climate Change, Murat Kurum, answered questions from the program “Neutral Zone” on CNN Türk. “With TOKi, our president will share with our nation soon, we will make another social housing move in our 81 provinces” said the minister of the establishment “Selling to foreigners is not a situation that … Read more