Live Crypto Party (LCP) is now available for trading on LBank Exchange

INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, August 2, 2022 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, registered Live Crypto Party (LCP) on August 2, 2022. For all LBank Exchange users, the LCP / USDT trading pair is now commercially available. As a Party-to-Earn metaverse platform, Live Crypto Party (LCP) allows users to earn cryptocurrency and NFT … Read more

RevoluGROUP Canada Inc. Obtains Central Bank Cryptocurrency

Vancouver, British Columbia, 03 August 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – RevoluGROUP Canada Inc. (TSX-V: REVO), (Frankfurt: IJA2) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the 3rd In August 2022, the Central Bank officially granted the company listing approval as one of the first licensed cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency entities in Europe. The approval comes at a time … Read more


After much thought, you have decided to invest in cryptocurrencies. You’ve done research, saved money, read trading books. The only negative? You don’t know where to start in cryptocurrency trading. Here is a short guide that will help you take your first steps in trading. 📖 Where to start when you want to learn how … Read more

Data on cryptocurrency adoption in Africa continues to break records

Despite the recent cryptocurrency market crash, the African blockchain scene has continued to attract significant funding, with venture capitalists (VCs) still betting on the industry’s future. In the first half of 2022, African blockchain companies attracted $ 304 million in funding, nearly three times the $ 127 million received in 2021. Nation reported on Aug.3. … Read more

Solana’s pricing is in trouble after the ecosystem fell prey to multimillion-dollar hackers

Solana’s price is looking to return after the network has been exploited via external apps. Nearly 8,000 wallets on Solana fell prey to hacking, which drained $ 8 million. Analysts estimate Solana’s price could reach the $ 50 target by the end of August 2022. Solana’s price is struggling to recover from the crash after … Read more

Should cryptocurrency be the future of trading?

They think about new technologies and adopt new innovative and technical ways to make money. In this technical and modernized world, where software has profoundly changed the way of life, the ways of earning are no less in this technical world. The decentralized market under the robotic system has introduced a new useful trading method … Read more

Swiss bank Sygnum offers ADA staking for institutional clients.

Signo bank recently announced the staking of Cardano (ADA). The token is added to his wallet ofEthereumInternet Computer e Tezo. Addition of ADA by Signo exposes its nearly 1,000 institutional clients to cryptocurrency. ADA staking is now possible in Switzerland Customers can now target ADAs from their existing cryptocurrency wallets to get rewards. The digital … Read more

Buy cryptocurrency in 2022

Buying cryptocurrencies in 2022 is interesting. Between the new projects that are emerging and the sharp swings in the market, cryptocurrencies offer a great opportunity to grow your portfolio. Alongside the most successful major cryptocurrencies, we are now seeing the explosion of equally efficient new cryptocurrencies. Find out in this guide how to buy a … Read more