How to choose a good crypto platform?

Success in the cryptocurrency world can depend on a number of parameters. Among the factors that can help you succeed in cryptocurrency trading, some of the most important are: studying the fundamentals of financial markets, mastering trading tools, following financial news, timing or even luck. A parameter that is sometimes underestimated by investors is the … Read more

Crypto scam: French justice is investigating a new scam with an unprecedented action plan

Cryptocurrencies know neither the crisis nor the holidays. A new scam with an unprecedented trial is causing a stir in the industry, also sparking the interest of French justice. A successful business and an unprecedented method Cryptocurrencies, still so frequent despite the crypto winter, often abuse the influence that some personalities have on the public. … Read more

a new word in the dictionary, billionaire!

Over the past decade, hundreds of millions of people around the world have gotten used to and adapted to a new vocabulary related to the cryptocurrency industry and all related concepts. The cryptocurrency dictionary has recently welcomed a new word, widely used on social networks. This is the billionaire. A word deviated and used in … Read more

in decline, Robinhood is once again cutting its workforce

The American online brokerage platform Robinhood, which revolutionized the market with its free model for individuals, will once again cut its workforce, in a context of growing American disinterest in the stock market, but especially in cryptocurrencies, including prices have fallen sharply in recent months. The redundancy plan covers 750 positions, or almost a quarter … Read more

Coinbase offers new products!

Despite much controversy, the cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase continues its operations. Although some investors have pulled out and the SEC continues to charge, the platform is undaunted. It goes even further and now offers new services to American institutions. Coinbase diversifies its offering in the United States The cryptocurrency industry is facing a lot of … Read more

FTX launches new features

While many cryptocurrency companies are filing for bankruptcy due to the cryptocurrency winter, others are moving normally. This is the case with the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, which is one of the best at the moment. The platform has recently been equipped with new features that make it more attractive and pleasant to use. FTX Crypto … Read more