you are not ready!

Between bitcoin and Ethereum, competition is fierce in the cryptocurrency markets. However, current Ethereum developments call into question. Vitalik Buterin’s footprint is well felt on this blockchain. The announcement of Proof-of-Stake surprised you? Well, you’re definitely not ready for what’s to come. A new era for Ethereum? Ethereum’s arrival on the markets has been somewhat … Read more

Battle Infinity: already 8,000 BNB invested in presale, or 50% of the expected total!

The presale of the native token of the upcoming NFT-based metaverse game, Battle Infinity, has generated considerable interest from investors. 68 days from the end of the 90-day presale, over 8,000 BNB (over $ 2.25 million) have been raised so far, exceeding the initial limit of 2,000 BNB and thus reaching approximately 50% of the … Read more