P2PB2B Exchange Encryption List ⋆ ZyCrypto

Advertising Each exchange has its own terms for new cryptocurrency listings. The rates charged for new projects and the accompanying package differ. Some exchanges are rigorous in selecting the tokens to list. The P2PB2B cryptocurrency listing agency has created an ideal environment for new cryptocurrency developers, be it a large team with experienced developers and … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) on-chain: Market indicators point to underlying signals

To be[In]Crypto took a look at Bitcoin’s on-chain indicators, focusing this week on reserve risk, breakeven price, and cumulative days destroyed (CVDD) Cumulative value days destroyed). Bitcoin stock risk indicator Reserve risk is BTC’s on-chain cyclical indicator that measures long-term holders’ confidence in the current price of the asset. When confidence is high but the … Read more

Fintech firm Revolut expects to increase its cryptocurrency-focused workforce by 20%.

Revolutiona British fintech firm, plans to hire cryptocurrency experts in the UK, US and Europe in the next six months. The company currently advertises 13 industry-related positions, including software engineers, cryptocurrency law professionals, and financial compliance and crime prevention experts. Expanding its cryptocurrency offering in the face of growing interest from cryptocurrencies According to Bloomberg, … Read more