the video game is worth the candle – Liberation

The publisher of the world’s most downloaded game has announced that it will no longer accept certificates of authenticity for digital items on its platform, explaining that they do not match its “creative inclusiveness” values. Minecraft looks like a UFO in the Web 3.0 era? As tech giants multiply announcements related to NFTs, these certificates … Read more

Life Beyond, the massively multiplayer online game that promises to make sense of NFTs

In the gaming world, NFTs don’t have a very good reputation. Whether it’s the players, who have recently turned down several of the studio’s initiatives, or even the developers, who are quite critical of non-fungible tokens. As for the purely encrypted, “play-to-earn” games that promise players to make their money, they are more of a … Read more

digital tokens to conquer the sport

In France, the Sorare company has been offering NFTs in the form of player cards for use in a “fantastic football” match with official club licenses since March 2019. fliti HOW THE NFT PHENOMENON IS SHOCKED IN THE WORLD (1/5) –Contribution to income, attracting a new audience… The sector was immediately seduced by the potential … Read more

Cybercriminals have found a new niche! NFT!

When we talk about web3 and its universe, we tend to think that it is a super safe universe. Unfortunately, the repeated cryptocurrency thefts in recent times are perplexing the whole world and lately observers have noticed that cybercriminals are attacking NFTs today. Here are the details on these cyber attacks. Cybercriminals land in the … Read more