Breaking: Mark Zuckerberg announces NFT on Instagram in 100 countries (and reveals strange image)

So it was on … Facebook that Mark Zuckerberg himself announced it: NFTs are making their big Instagram entry in 100 other countries. Mark Zuckerber, big boss of Meta whose interest in the metaverse is such as to have determined the new name of his group, has therefore just announced it: NFT-related services are landing … Read more

investigation of the NFT proletariat

By Richard Flurin Inserted on 07/31/2022 at 08:00 Like Beeple before his sudden fame, many artists sell NFTs for modest sums on online retail platforms, such asOffshore, Super rare Where is it rare (over). rare The commercialization of digital works also benefits artists who are less appreciated than those whose productions cost millions of euros. … Read more

Canadian NFTs are now available on OpenSea

MONTREAL – Canadian NFTs can now be bought and sold through the world’s largest cryptocurrency collectibles market. Although initially exclusive to the DropShop market, the Club’s official NFTs are now visible in all Matic showcases, including OpenSea. Whether you already own a piece of Habs’ digital history or wish to start a collection of NFT … Read more

Miami: the American capital of Bitcoin wants to conquer NFTs with Mastercard and Salesforce

web worshiper 3 – The winter of cryptocurrencies does not reach the devout worshiper of Bitcoin (BTC), Francis Suarez, mayor of Miami. After praising the merits of the king of cryptocurrencies and establishing the criticized in his city – and criticizable – MiamiCoin, the web 3 fan mayor doesn’t stop there. In fact, a recent … Read more

NFT to enter the stadium, Binance’s hidden move

01 August 2022 Today at 21:17 Lazio Roma fans will be able to enter the stadium with tickets in the form of NFT. Behind this innovation, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange platform. The largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, just announced an intriguing partnership with the Italian football team Lazio Roma. Fans of the Italian club will now … Read more