What is algorithmic Forex trading?

“Algorithm” seems to be one of the most used terms these days when it comes to the Internet. Everything we use seems to be determined by some sort of algorithm. The word itself is intimidating, as it can refer to an abstract entity shrouded in mystery and uncertainty, but an algorithm, at its most basic … Read more

does the MM200 weekly confirm this?

Bitcoin (BTC) has taken a hiatus since July. A slight correction for the bears, the beginning of a bullish wave for the bulls. The weekly moving average (MA) of 200, on the other hand, indicates that the price of bitcoin will experience a running of the bull for the months to come. Bitcoin (BTC) bounces … Read more

How to buy and trade Chainlink (LINK) in France?

What is Chainlink (LINK)? Chainlink is a cryptocurrency infrastructure that connects real-world data with smart contracts on a blockchain network. These networks can be data providers, application programming interfaces (APIs), business systems, cloud services, IoT devices, payment systems, and other blockchains.2. Smart contracts, or smart contracts in English, are contracts on the blockchain and the … Read more

GBP / USD: the pound broke even despite the Bank of England

The British pound remains in balance despite the Bank of England’s significant rate hike The pound remained broadly in balance on Thursday despite the Bank of England’s largest rate hike since the 1990s. The BoE hiked rates for the sixth consecutive meeting, but this time by 50 basis points, bringing them back to their highest … Read more

training and investment in cryptocurrencies

Through its platform and its French-speaking community, Le Trading du Coin now offers several training courses dedicated to cryptocurrencies, as well as a transparent and secure automated investment system. Despite their bad press, cryptocurrencies are on the rise today; the share of French who have invested in cryptocurrencies has therefore just exceeded the number of … Read more