things get complicated?

Selling NFTs to countries that have already adopted blockchain and all its technology is easy. IN CHINA recently, it has been stated that the sale cannot be made without identity verification. Already the bitcoin mining in China has been controversial for a while, now we are on the case of the NFT sale. This story … Read more

Decentralized Exchange: Understanding decentralized exchanges in 3 minutes

What does it actually mean, how does this type of exchange work and what are its strengths and weaknesses? Find out everything you need to know in this article. Decentralized exchange: what is it? A decentralized exchange allowsbuy, sell or trade digital assets, in particular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum …), but also NFT, staking, etc. Unlike … Read more

Understand how NFT buying works –

Buyers buy NFTs by sending cryptocurrency (such as Ether) directly to the address of the smart contract associated with it. For example, if an NFT costs 0.012345 ETH, that amount of digital currency is required to purchase that single asset, so if you have 0x12345 coins, you will send 0.012345 Ether coins to complete the … Read more

The blockchain forgets nothing, even when a smart guy tries to get rich illegally with NFTs

In the secrecy of upcoming NFT releases, this former OpenSea boss believed he was fooling market players without getting too wet. This is without relying on the growing experience of the FBI and the authorities in tracking blockchain criminals. Game over. Try again. A former employee of OpenSea, NFT’s largest marketplace, became a new mascot … Read more

All about the AvaTrade trading broker

AvaTrade has been an online trading platform since 2006. It is now referred to as the international financial market. The broker reports over 200,000 clients with over $ 1 billion in daily trading volume. Presentation of AvaTrade The broker has existed since 2006 and has grown rapidly, in light of the advent of digital and … Read more