Auditors Blame $ 4 Million Cryptocurrency Theft on Leaked Recording Technology

Advertising Blockchain reviewers have suggested that the reason for a massive $ 4 million hack on multiple cryptocurrency wallet providers is due to a misconfiguration in a widely used event logging technology. Solana (SOL) and USD Coin (USDC) cryptocurrency tokens were among those stolen from Slope wallets by an unknown attacker, after wallets revealed leaked … Read more

Battle Infinity: already 8,000 BNB invested in presale, or 50% of the expected total!

The presale of the native token of the upcoming NFT-based metaverse game, Battle Infinity, has generated considerable interest from investors. 68 days from the end of the 90-day presale, over 8,000 BNB (over $ 2.25 million) have been raised so far, exceeding the initial limit of 2,000 BNB and thus reaching approximately 50% of the … Read more

On August 29, the CME group will launch futures on Bitcoin and Ether denominated in euros

CHICAGO, August 4, 2022 / PRNewswire / – ECM Group, leading global derivatives market, today announced plans to expand its cryptocurrency derivatives offering with the introduction of Bitcoin Euro and Ether Euro futures on August 29pending regulatory review. Designed to match their US dollar-denominated counterparts, the Bitcoin Euro and Ether Euro futures will be sized … Read more

How to trade Forex?

What is forex? The Foreign Exchange, commonly known as Forex, is the financial market reserved for the buying / selling of currencies. This market is open all the time as a stock exchange does not have a monopoly on it, which allows the Forex trader (Forex investor) to speculate on currency pairs 24 hours a … Read more