Scientific children: long live April 23

In the new fairy tale Cinderella, Cinderella does not go to this elegant ball, she does not want to go; because he and his half-brothers, who love each other very much, are looking for a more fun job: building a rocket that will go into space… Subscribe teacher. Dr. Dogan KÖKDEMIR* Written by the American … Read more

TMMOB Disaster Symposium

2022.04.15 06:30 Subscribe The TMMOB Disaster Symposium will be held April 20-22, 2022. During the symposium, which will be attended by the mayors of Ankara and the Metropolitan Municipality of Muğla, the reasons why natural events of geological, hydrological and meteorological origin turn into disasters will be discussed. We organized the first symposium in 2007, … Read more

Alevi Academy: After the first program

2022.04.13 06:30 Subscribe In this column, I previously mentioned the specificities of the relationship between Alevism and the university environment and the possibilities of encounter. The Alevi/Alevism education program from a social science perspective, which began in Istanbul Küçükçekmece Garip Dede Djemevi on January 8, 2022, ended last week as another example of this relationship … Read more