NFTs, an “opportunity to be seized but framed” for the world of culture

For two years, non-fungible tokens (JNF, or NFT in English) have experienced a spectacular boom in the field of culture. These tokens associated with a digital file by a “smart contract” and registered on the blockchain (a computer protocol considered inviolable) to guarantee authenticity, have made it possible to enhance digital works of art, until … Read more

Gucci expands cryptocurrency payments to ApeCoin.

The Florentine house, which has been testing cryptocurrency payment within its American retail network for a few weeks, is taking it a step further and strengthening its scope of digital currencies. Gucci, the first luxury brand to accept ApeCoin. Last May, Gucci announced the deployment of a cryptocurrency withdrawal program in five of its stores … Read more

Should cryptocurrency be the future of trading?

They think about new technologies and adopt new innovative and technical ways to make money. In this technical and modernized world, where software has profoundly changed the way of life, the ways of earning are no less in this technical world. The decentralized market under the robotic system has introduced a new useful trading method … Read more