Suggested Turkish name for Metaverse: Doors

Atay Uslu, one of the directors of metaverse studies initiated by the Information and Communication Technology Presidency of the AK Party Headquarters, Vice President of Information and Communication Technology and MP for Antalya, prepared an article titled “We open the door to the metaverse”. Atay Uslu, who is involved in the AK Party’s studies on … Read more

We test the Philips OneBlade for men, usable in all areas!

The Philips OneBlade QP2510/11 hybrid trimmer and shaver, acclaimed for its functional design, helps you meet many of your needs with just one product. For example, if you want to shape your beard the way you want, you can grab that opportunity with the 2 different stubble combs in the machine. The device, which has … Read more

Best Gaming Monitor Recommendations For Gamers

What makes a game more fun? Of course, realistic animation, frost-free and stutter-free performance calculation, high-definition screen with wide and vibrant colors that will make you feel like you belong in this world! If you need a quality player screen that will increase your gaming pleasure, you’ve come to the right place. We present to … Read more

For those who want strong pulling power, we tested Arnica Pika

Bagless vacuums collect all the dirt in the dust bin without having to change the bag. The hoppers, which can be easily removed and installed, greatly facilitate your work because they are very practical. One of the top products in this category, the Arnica Pika Et14410 vacuum cleaner completely cleans your home and absorbs all … Read more

The best assortment of healthy and fun modeling clay for your children

Children love spending time with electronic devices such as computers, phones, tablets or televisions. However, the psychology of children who spend a lot of time with these electronic devices can be affected. For this reason, instead of giving your child an electronic device, you should spend time doing different activities with them. Activities with modeling … Read more

5 tips for replenishing storage! There are many factors

According to Dell’s statement; Saying that many factors can affect the success of a storage system replacement, Emin Çalıklı, Senior Director of Presales at Dell Technologies, shared five essential storage replacement tips that are closely related to every CIO . These have been listed as follows: IDENTIFY EXISTING BARRIERS In the statement, a recent study … Read more

The hotels you are looking for for a fun holiday in April

Many hotel formulas await you at the ETS if you want to spend a pleasant time with the family with the children who will take a short break from lessons and combine the enthusiasm of spring with the excitement of the holidays! In addition, with the possibility of free accommodation for 2 children in certain … Read more

Scientists say it’s now or never to stop global warming

The final part of the 6th Assessment Report, which is divided into three working groups of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) within the United Nations (UN), has been published. The report, titled Climate Change Mitigation, which focuses on how governments and citizens can avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis, was ratified … Read more