Last minute: Lionel Messi couldn’t believe Real Madrid’s last goal! His message to Sergio Agüero has been revealed… He read it live…

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> In the UEFA Champions League semi-final, Real Madrid beat Manchester City with 3 goals in the dying minutes, and the echoes of Liverpool’s opponent in the final continue. IT ALL HAPPENED SUDDENLY The first half of the game played at the Santiago Bernabeu in the rematch of the match, which ended 4-3 in England, … Read more

How did Michael Jordan become a billionaire?

Neither Messi, nor Ronaldo, nor LeBron James. It’s been years since the world’s first billionaire athlete left the sport. Even though it’s been 19 years since we said goodbye to basketball, Michael Jordan, nicknamed “his majesty”, has a fortune of more than a billion dollars since 2014. While most famous athletes have wasted their money … Read more