The most ruthless killer in history! The serial killer who inspired the series Mindhunter with his murder: Ed Kemper

Countless murders have been committed throughout history. While most of them have been solved, some have remained unsolved on dusty shelves. The existence of serial killers, who took great pleasure in dying in solved murders, was enough to surprise mankind. We have researched the true story of Ed Kemper in the Mindhunter series for you. … Read more

Best Gaming Monitor Recommendations For Gamers

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The best assortment of healthy and fun modeling clay for your children

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The best types of vlog cameras for those who want to vlog

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Last minute! President Erdoğan: We have always supported our artists

President Erdoğan met the artists of the iftar program. “I believe that no work of art that draws inspiration from this land, this nation, this civilization will fail,” Erdogan said. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gathered with artists, actors and famous names during the fast-breaking dinner at Dolmabahçe Palace in Beşiktaş. President Erdogan delivered a speech … Read more

The best karaoke microphones to hit the funnel with your family and friends

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The most useful tech products that will be part of your family when you take them home.

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