Last minute news on rental prices! Tenant concerns millions

The law recognizes tenants as consumers and limits rent increases to the average 12-month consumer inflation. Even if a higher rent increase rate is written in the contract, it is zero. Prof. Milliyet Dr. Erol Ulusoy wrote details about tenants and landlords in his column. According to Ulusoy’s article; TURKSTAT announced the inflation (CPI) figure … Read more

“If Fenerbahçe wins, should Kartal continue?” – Fenerbahce

While preparations for the Super League derby continue at Fenerbahçe, however, future planning is underway. In the 36th week of the Super League, the yellow-dark blue team will be the guest of Beşiktaş. Ismail Kartal’s future at Fenerbahçe, who has 10 wins and 1 draw in the last 11 games under İsmail Kartal’s management, is … Read more

Non-bank finance has taken off

Could you provide information on Tam Finance? Tam Finans is a finance company that was established 10 years ago to meet the short-term financing needs of SMEs through factoring, i.e. trade finance. To that end, we have tried to serve more SMEs each year by improving our digital capabilities and expanding our service network, and … Read more

Minister Varank: We have gained great momentum in value-added production – Latest News

According to the statement made by the ministry, Minister Varank visited DOF Robotics, which produces high-tech virtual and augmented reality programs and mechanical motion simulators for the entertainment industry in Istanbul. Varank, who received information about the company’s activities from the chairman of the board, Mustafa Mertcan, tested the platform developed by DOF Robotics while … Read more

High dues are taken! Owner and tenants revolted

There is a problem of “temporary management”, which has been established with the authority given to companies that have done construction with the legal amendment in 2017, especially in the huge construction sites in the big cities of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. The article by Oya Armutçu from Hürriyet on the subject is as follows: … Read more

What happens if the rented house is sold?

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> While the exorbitant rise in rents is shaking up citizens, landlords are resorting to a different path every day. Some of them are demands for above-guideline or even 100% raises, time plays, and unfair evictions to rent the house at a higher price. The fact that they couldn’t raise as much as they wanted, … Read more

teacher. Dr. Hasan Biri: Laser Technology Accelerates Prostate Treatment

Making statements on the laser technology called ThuFLEP, Prof. Dr. Hasan Biri said: “Thanks to this technology, the prostate is no longer a nightmare for men. Although this method offers a more effective, fast and comfortable treatment compared to other techniques, it offers better protection of the muscles which ensure urine retention and sperm production … Read more