Suggested Turkish name for Metaverse: Doors

Atay Uslu, one of the directors of metaverse studies initiated by the Information and Communication Technology Presidency of the AK Party Headquarters, Vice President of Information and Communication Technology and MP for Antalya, prepared an article titled “We open the door to the metaverse”. Atay Uslu, who is involved in the AK Party’s studies on … Read more

First statement by arrested journalist İbrahim Haskoloğlu

Journalist Ibrahim Haskologlu by Istanbul Prosecutor General’s Office “to unlawfully obtain personal information” He was detained at his home in Üsküdar as part of the investigation into the crime. Haskoloğlu made a statement for the first time after his detention. Haskoloğlu’s lawyer, Emrah Karatay, visited his client for the first time in the prison where … Read more

Equality Sensitive Budget Training for Public Servants – Latest News

The trainings, in which examples of international applications of gender-responsive planning and budgeting are evaluated, aim to support the systematic and sustainable integration of the equality perspective at all stages of the development processes. policy and budgeting at national and local levels. The trainings took place within the framework of the Gender Responsive Planning and … Read more

Last minute! President Erdoğan: We have always supported our artists

President Erdoğan met the artists of the iftar program. “I believe that no work of art that draws inspiration from this land, this nation, this civilization will fail,” Erdogan said. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gathered with artists, actors and famous names during the fast-breaking dinner at Dolmabahçe Palace in Beşiktaş. President Erdogan delivered a speech … Read more