Suggested Turkish name for Metaverse: Doors

Atay Uslu, one of the directors of metaverse studies initiated by the Information and Communication Technology Presidency of the AK Party Headquarters, Vice President of Information and Communication Technology and MP for Antalya, prepared an article titled “We open the door to the metaverse”. Atay Uslu, who is involved in the AK Party’s studies on … Read more

He was going to the bathroom 15 to 20 times an hour! This is how the reason for his torture was understood

Megan McNeil, who lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, had a problem with bleeding every time she went to the toilet and had bouts of diarrhea for a long time. Megan, who is afraid to share this situation with those around her, When he was 17, he had to tell about what happened when his mother … Read more

LAST MINUTE || Başakşehir’s star marked the game – Kasımpaşa

Kasımpaşa hosted Başakşehir in Week 35 of the Ahmet Çalık Super League Spor Toto season. The thrilling match was the scene of a rain of goals. The experienced football player transferred from the orange-dark blue team showed an incredible performance in the match. On the other hand, Başakşehir technical director Emre Belözoğlu went crazy after … Read more

“Now it’s up to us to do the job” – Breaking News Milliyet

Zahide Pamir, who completed his Masters in Cognitive Science at METU after graduating from Bilkent University, Department of Psychology, worked on understanding the visual system. He completed his PhD in Neuroscience at Bilkent University. Pursuing the question “How does our brain process the information it sees”, Pamir began working as a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard … Read more

Equality Sensitive Budget Training for Public Servants – Latest News

The trainings, in which examples of international applications of gender-responsive planning and budgeting are evaluated, aim to support the systematic and sustainable integration of the equality perspective at all stages of the development processes. policy and budgeting at national and local levels. The trainings took place within the framework of the Gender Responsive Planning and … Read more

Will Galatasaray take place during an election period? Rezan Epözdemir announced – Galatasaray

SPECIAL NEVZAT DINAR-SCORER As the Galatasaray Club elections approached, a lawsuit was filed by the Governor’s office for the cancellation of the general meeting. The question is whether the electoral calendar will work… Former Galatasaray vice-president Rezan Epözdemir made a statement to Skorer on this subject. Here are Epözdemir’s answers to the questions… Could you … Read more

Claim that cats were buried alive in concrete has caused confusion

The incident happened last Saturday at a site in Çayırova district in Kocaeli. According to the information obtained, the hole in the wall of the site was filled by pouring concrete on the grounds that the renovation was done. Residents of the site, who claimed the cats were hiding in the hollow, broke the poured … Read more