Suggested Turkish name for Metaverse: Doors

Atay Uslu, one of the directors of metaverse studies initiated by the Information and Communication Technology Presidency of the AK Party Headquarters, Vice President of Information and Communication Technology and MP for Antalya, prepared an article titled “We open the door to the metaverse”. Atay Uslu, who is involved in the AK Party’s studies on … Read more

WHO WAS SURVIVED ON APRIL 19? Which team won the Survivor Prize match? – News from magazines

The name that bids farewell to Survivor is announced! At All Star 2022, celebrities and volunteers competed in four immunity races throughout the week and put on a jaw-dropping performance. However, the losers of all four games were the volunteers. A name from the blue team, which determines the candidates for elimination, bids farewell to … Read more

Will Galatasaray take place during an election period? Rezan Epözdemir announced – Galatasaray

SPECIAL NEVZAT DINAR-SCORER As the Galatasaray Club elections approached, a lawsuit was filed by the Governor’s office for the cancellation of the general meeting. The question is whether the electoral calendar will work… Former Galatasaray vice-president Rezan Epözdemir made a statement to Skorer on this subject. Here are Epözdemir’s answers to the questions… Could you … Read more

This is possible during or after the holidays! A member of the scientific committee gave the good news

Member of the Council of Social Sciences of the Ministry of Health on Coronavirus and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Gazi Prof. Dr. Mustafa Necmi İlhan assessed the downward trend in the number of corona virus cases to İhlas News Agency (İHA) reporter. Emphasizing that individual precautions should be followed … Read more