Science Spreads in Şehitkamil – Gaziantep Compass Newspaper

The Municipality of Şehitkamil is carrying out an activity that will raise awareness of “science” among students residing in rural areas. Educators visiting schools in rural neighborhoods; They provide theoretical and practical training to students. The municipality of Şehitkamil, which has made significant investments for the future with its projects and studies for education, combines … Read more

“As science and technology advance, we pay the price by aging faster”

Assoc. Dr. Gürer Budak said that people today unexpectedly encounter chronic diseases just when they say “I’m going to relax” while meeting the demands of modern life. Dr. Budak said that while advances in science and technology are making people’s lives easier in a positive way, they also cause significant problems. Stating that the problem … Read more

He became one of 12 scientists in the world with the project he developed

Adıyaman will continue to develop his project of using augmented reality glasses in joint injections, with a price equivalent to around 266,000 Turkish liras. In the project, it aims to eliminate the x-ray taken for vertebral facet joint injection, which is a treatment method used in diseases such as hernia, to expose the patient and … Read more

He was going to the bathroom 15 to 20 times an hour! This is how the reason for his torture was understood

Megan McNeil, who lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, had a problem with bleeding every time she went to the toilet and had bouts of diarrhea for a long time. Megan, who is afraid to share this situation with those around her, When he was 17, he had to tell about what happened when his mother … Read more

LAST MINUTE NEWS: Say goodbye to masks on public transport! A member of the scientific committee gave the date

Participating in the protocol party held at the police station of his hometown Karabük, member of the scientific committee of the Ministry of Health on the coronavirus, Başakşehir Çam and the chief doctor of the city hospital of Sakura, the professor. Dr. Nurettin Yiyit made statements to İHA after the party. Affirming that they are … Read more

A member of the scientific committee gave a date: All restrictions will end…

teacher. Dr. Nurettin Yiyit said the mask application restrictions in health facilities and public transport will be lifted within a week, up to 10 days. Release: 2:54 PM – 02 May 2022 Update: 2:59 PM – 02 May 2022 Member of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health on Coronavirus, Başakşehir Çam and Chief … Read more

Best sci-fi movies 2022: Top recommendations for sci-fi movies to watch

One of the most popular genres, sci-fi movies impress with their subject matter and visuals. Sci-fi movies with topics like time travel, superhuman beings, the end of the world, and space travel are undoubtedly some of the most watched movie genres lately. interstellar Directed by Christopher Nolan, Interstellar stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain … Read more

The development of technology, its place and its future in our lives | Arda Meric

January 19, 2021 07:31 LinkedInflip boardCopy linkCharacter font class=”medianet-inline-adv”> Technology can be considered as a body of information covering design and construction methods, tools, equipment, and implements related to any branch of industry. The term technology is derived from the words ‘techne’ meaning art/skill and ‘logia’ meaning area of ​​study. The first appearance of the … Read more

Why is the “Science Messenger” important?

I started a series of podcasts to report on scientific issues in a simpler and more accurate way. In my Science Journalist program, which will air on Podcaster, Turkey’s first global podcast app, I discuss important issues in the field of science journalism with my expert guests: Is nutritional news misunderstood? Is Google making us … Read more