Suggested Turkish name for Metaverse: Doors

Atay Uslu, one of the directors of metaverse studies initiated by the Information and Communication Technology Presidency of the AK Party Headquarters, Vice President of Information and Communication Technology and MP for Antalya, prepared an article titled “We open the door to the metaverse”. Atay Uslu, who is involved in the AK Party’s studies on … Read more

Derya Şensoy: My father’s plays and films are an eternal legacy – Magazine News

Derya Şensoy, the daughters of Ferhan Şensoy and Derya Baykal, who died in July 2021, were filmed entering a hall in Cihangir the previous month. Speaking with reporters, the actress said they would publish her father’s book, who died last August. “I CAN GIVE A BOOK A CHANCE” Şensoy said: “February 26 is my father’s … Read more

The Iranians have received 1 billion dollars! – Latest news

A criminal complaint has been filed against the fraud network, whose leader is imprisoned in Iran and some of its members are wanted by Interpol in 4 countries, including Turkey. It was claimed that the network defrauded around 2,500 people with the promise of a $1 billion luxury life. The network’s luxury vehicles, photos and … Read more

Vigilance heavy snow in Istanbul! Here is the day when the precipitation will be the most effective… New weather report from Meteorology

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> After the meteorology warnings, the expected rainfall in Istanbul entered the city yesterday morning and was effective at intervals during the day. As the snowfall in Istanbul increased its effect during the night hours, it turned the city white. The rain, which increased its speed from time to time, continued at certain intervals until … Read more

Last minute… Live weather alert! The storm changes direction

Trees fell and roofs of buildings were blown off by the storm and high winds that continued across Turkey yesterday and today. The speed of lodos in Istanbul has increased to 130 kilometers. Roofs were blown off in many places in the city. The wind speed reached 130 km/h in Beylikdüzü, 100 km/h in the … Read more

LAST MINUTE: A giant mass is approaching Turkey! It will take 4 days…

As part of the European Space Agency’s Copernicus program, a Saharan dust storm is expected in the Mediterranean basin. It is estimated that the desert dust storm will be effective in Turkey and negatively affect life. The dust is forecast for April 15-18 to move towards Italy, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. The Sahara dust storm … Read more