Managers must be taken to the crucible – Yeni Şafak

The most heinous crime in a free market economyecbet blocker is the behavior. The company that commits such a crime is penalized. So, is the crime committed by the legal person of the company or is it the leaders? Of course, managers are responsible for these behaviors. Penalties imposed on companies mean an indirect penalty … Read more

Why are we late?

Modernists and others have a memory, they often repeat it so that we don’t forget it. What is that… Muslims pray to Allah, curse the enemy, engage in mere details of fiqh and spend time discussing them, while others (the West) have gone beyond imagination in science and technology, so we are robbed, exploited and … Read more

Minister Varank: We have gained great momentum in value-added production – Latest News

According to the statement made by the ministry, Minister Varank visited DOF Robotics, which produces high-tech virtual and augmented reality programs and mechanical motion simulators for the entertainment industry in Istanbul. Varank, who received information about the company’s activities from the chairman of the board, Mustafa Mertcan, tested the platform developed by DOF Robotics while … Read more

Shocked Snake Tamer! This happened to him for the first time before the eyes of people at the festival.

Eugene DeLeon Sr. He had spent most of his life in the US state of Texas. After many years spent where he was born, he made a promise to himself on the occasion of his 40th birthday. Eugene Dr. Leon Sr., who has lived a quiet life to this day. He was going to realize … Read more

Debate on abortion in the USA! Will the controversial decision be reversed?

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> “Roe Wade’s Decision” Known as the 1973 resolution, it was the basis for making abortion a constitutional right in the United States. The decision is one of the most discussed issues in the United States in recent years. The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to deliver its verdict in early July on the long-debated … Read more

Three-quarters of businesses are cyberattacked

Remote work and cloud infrastructure are among the biggest risks for businesses. Trend Micro, one of the leading companies in the field of cybersecurity, has announced the results of the latest global cyber risk index (CRI – Cyber ​​​​Risk Index) for the second half of 2021. 76% of global companies survey participant said they would … Read more

LAST MINUTE || Scandal that does not seek films! He had his wife killed by her lover…

Jennifer, the lead role in the gruesome event that doesn’t look like the movies, has worked as a district manager at a rehabilitation hospital since 2012. Everyone close to Jennifer and Jamie considered them a perfect couple, very warm and friendly. Plus, Jennifer thought everyone was jealous of her relationship with her husband. ONE DAY … Read more

Only 5 days left… 14 women with children await their execution!

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> The chain of events that began on the evening of February 15, 2007 will end on April 27, 2022, with the execution of Mexican-American Melissa Lucio. This case, which has been followed closely by the whole world, and the death sentence to be carried out have generated great debate. He appealed to many famous … Read more